True Expertise in SEO

As a business owner with a website it is
often hard to know who to go to for advice and help when it comes to ranking
your website on the key search engine platforms like Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Many business owners are bombarded on a weekly
basis by offers to rank their website at every price point from 50 per month
upwards, so how do you pick the SEO agency that will actually help you to rank
most effectively?

Firstly, you must understand there is no
magic bullets when it comes to SEO and website ranking. Any company promising number
one rankings is probably being unrealistic as there are no guarantees worth the
paper they are written on when it comes to SEO.

There are so many different factors that
come together to deliver high rankings. These cannot be controlled or
guaranteed.  It only takes a minor tweak
in the search engine algorithm for a previously well ranking site to disappear off
of the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is entirely not controllable by
any third party outside the organisations like Bing, Yahoo and Google.

How do you go about picking an agency with
this in mind?

Fortunately for any wood be buyer of SEO
services there is one key way you can judge all SEO companies.  This is by how well they manage to rank their
own websites on the key search engines.  I always suggest that potential customers look
at the Google rankings for any given SEO Agency. This is because Google equates
for roughly 70% of all search engine traffic by volume.

Look for companies who rank well for the
given search terms they target. Do not be happy with one first page ranking, as
a really decent SEO firm will be able to get itself multiple first page
rankings, maybe one for its website, another for its Youtube channel perhaps a third
for one or more of its social properties.

If the SEO company
can command multiple first page listings the chances are they should be able to
perform the same service for your business.

Do not take anything at face value

Many SEO companies will show you a first
page listing for some obscure search phrase that gets little traffic and also
has little competition, as the proof point of their ranking abilities.  Always understand the relatively complexity
and competition of the search terms you want to target and ask the agency to
show you ranking examples for similar levels of complexity and
competition.  Also ask to see proof
points that they have managed to maintain these rankings for a good period of

It is sometimes possible to artificially
drive a search term for a given website to the top position in Google through spammy
techniques only to find a week or so later that the website drops radically or
alternatively is banned completely from the search index.

If you run these simple checks and your SEO
company passes them you will almost certainly be working with a good, highly proficient
SEO agency.

Also be aware of agencies that set
unrealistic budgets and timescales.  For
a competitive search term where you are not currently ranking at all you can
expect a campaign to last up to about 9 months and cost thousands of pounds a
month to execute. 

If you are approached by an agency offering
SEO services at say 199 a month do you really believe they are going to be
able to rank your site for search terms that could be worth thousands if not
tens of thousands of pounds to your business? Get real.

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