As you may or may not know, AccuStat Transcription was started by started by Deborah Milcarek, RN several years ago and through our strict business ethics and models, AccuStat has received several state and national awards/recognitions.

AccuStat Transcription serves the medical, legal and business communities by providing digital transcription services 24/7/365 with guaranteed turnaround time (TAT) and accuracylevel. If AccuStat does not meet the required TAT and accuracy levels, the client does not pay. Simple. No excuses.

AccuStat Transcription is also extremely proud to say that we are 100% U.S. owned and operated. Many transcription companies claim to be 100% U.S. but unfortunately, more often than not, most transcription companies send their work to offshore companies and contractors to cut costs and increase their profit margins. AccuStat never does this. These are not just words to us. AccuStat can and will provethat each and every report that is completed in the U.S. with IP address traces and reports on all files. This is a differentiator because the other companies claiming to be U.S. companies cannot or will not do this.

Why does AccuStat stress our U.S. operations so strongly? There are several reasons to that.

1) Because all of AccuStat’s transcription is completed in the U.S., the quality of the completed transcription is much higher.

2) Since the quality of the transcription by U.S. staff is higher, our need for several levels of QA is reduced. This reduced our costs and in turn, reduces the cost to the clients as well!

3) With medical clients especially, HIPAA and confidentiality is a huge concern. Many offshore transcription companies profess to be HIPAA complaint, which is great but, if there is a breach, how can you enforce a U.S. law on an offshore company? HIPAA rules are frequently not followed by offshore and why should they be followed? The law is for U.S. companies. Since AccuStat is 100% U.S., this is strictly followed and enforceable.

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