Eating dinner late at night is not truly good for everyone’s health. The reason why it is not good for our health is that, if you will eat your last meal late, it will enable you to store too much fat and for this instance, great possibility of gaining more weight. During bed time, everyone’s body slows down and since you are just going to sleep, you will not need much energy. If you have eaten your food late and you immediately go to bed, the foods will not be digested properly and in return, it will turn into fats.

It is very recommended that you give 2 hours gap between the last meal and getting into sleep. As much as possible, you should not eat foods which are high in glycemic like white rice and potatoes during your dinner because this will spike the insulin levels. This insulin can feed your muscles through driving the glucose in your cells. In this spike, the levels of insulin in your body will increase and it will fall immediately which is then good for rapid burst on your energy but not on having peaceful and better sleep at night.

If you are going to eat your dinner early, you are less likely to feel hungry when you wake up. When you wake up in the morning, you will still feel that you are full so for that, but though you are still full, make sure that you will still eat your breakfast. Eating your breakfast is as important as eating your dinner so as much as possible, you have to avoid skipping your meals to avoid certain conditions and diseases. You should take in enough amount of food at least three times a day. Also, you should try as much as possible to use plastic dinnerware sets to eat your dinner.

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