Earth was the only known planet to be habitable and could harness life until the latest discovery. It has turned out that Mars, a neighboring planet and is closest to Earth also has the potential which has touched the interest of scientists in different countries. They have studied it and are still continuing to do so in the hopes of colonizing the mentioned planet. Well, they only need to do it right.

For now, the plan of colonizing it is still a plan and could pursue in the next decade. So, people should read about Mars colonization theory for them to understand the reason why there is a need for others to go there and not return anymore. They can surely learn many things about it. Besides, theories are interesting especially when they are incorporated with facts. Thus, one must know them.
There were machines that have successfully landed on Mars and studied the environment there for a temporary time. That was a good thing because it helped the headquarters, especially NASA, know about the situation on such planet on a daily basis or so they say. They have found liquid and sources of life which can be used for the future colonization if the entire trip is well and successful.
If normal people read this, they could gain more knowledge than they think. Others are ignoring the fact that the information can help them especially those who are aspiring to be astronauts. While they are still students, they could always take their time reading all the details even if they are just theories since every detail would really help. They must think critically because they might help.
This actually boosts their scores in class especially during science lectures. Teachers would definitely bring this up in the future knowing the colonization would happen years from now. Well, this will be an advantage for the students since they could use it to create healthy debates in class.
Because of debates, students are able to create their own theories which would be helpful in the long run since there are a lot of smart kids out there. Their skills just need to be honed by their teachers. So, it is important that such individuals would have some details about the theory.
One thing they must learn is the mission of Mars One. This has been included in many topics since the plan in colonizing the neighboring planet is already set. There will be people who would go there in 2032 for permanent inhabitance. One can check their website for confirmation.
There are also teams that are planning to land there but would eventually return to Earth. This should be known by individuals who are interested in space or becoming an astronaut someday. They might help in improving the methods for a successful trip.

In conclusion, everything is just a theory but some of the things that are mentioned are surely facts. It is only up to someone if he takes it or not. But, one should remember that this helps in improving and shaping the skills of a person to think properly.
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